Thursday, January 17, 2008

Batik Day...

I’d visit Bobby’s Blog yesterday and found out this information regarding Thursday is Batik Day.. Yeah, I admit that I’m not the one who read newspaper everyday not even buy it and of course seldom visiting online papers.. But I watch TV3 News (Bulletin 8.00pm) everyday however only for the first 10 minutes as it is the highlight of the whole day.. So regarding Batik I didn’t hear anything until I read Bobby’s posting yesterday which been illegally copied from The Star Online hahaha.. Ko marah la ni kan Boobss??

I dun know weather this issue is officially confirmed by Government or not.. Due to deep curiosity, I opened JPA’s website and as expected there is a link to ‘PEKELILING PEMAKAIAN PAKAIAN BATIK MALAYSIA OLEH PEGAWAI AWAM PADA HARI KHAMIS’ (Free to click)..

As a result I wear batik la today to show people that I’m alert to current issue which is actually not so hahaha.. and of course as a response to ‘Seruan Kerajaan’..Thanx Bobby for the information.. I attend Meeting just now with Ahli Lembaga Pelawat Hospital Keningau (ALPH) and there were only 2 of us wearing Batik and another 2 women.. Memang patut pun, most of the hospital staff kan got their own uniform.. Mana buli suka2 pakai Batik kan.. Wutsoever la, but I can feel peoples gaze at me.. Looking at my Baju Batik la tu kan..Hehehe…

I only got 2 Baju Batik until now.. One was bought during my Matriculation Level back in Labuan.. This Baju Batik is compulsory to buy maa, its official shirt for KML (Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan).. Ndak tau d mana sua tu baju batik sa simpan.. Siap ada lambang KML lagi tu..Huhuhu… The second one was the one I’m wearing now and this is the second time I wear it..

Now the story started… I bought this batik 2 years ago in Kelantan just for a special function which is Graduation Night 2005 for my seniors.. I’m one of the organizing committee aka as Vice-Director for the project.. So as the one who will sit together with Campus Dierector and those Head of School and Department, I ended up of buying Baju Batik.. Sesuai la kan untuk special event like this…The unforgettable thing about this Baju Batik is that I won the Prince of the Night Award.. Actually I’m not suppose to get the award as I’m not the final year student (not the one whom been celebrated) and some more I’m the organizing committee.. Yeah, maybe the judges thought I’m final year student mangkali.. hahaha, what a surprise for me... Apa lagi senior2 sa x puas hati wooo... Alala, bukan pun ada acara dancing2 with the princess tu malam..

She's not the Princess haa.. She is my batchmate (Medical Radiation's Student - 3 years course).. She won the Most Active Student Award..

Ok, lets change the topic.. How’s the kain Batik being made? Any of u ever watch with ur own eyes the way Kain Batik being made??? Hahahah… Leo you’ve been in Kelantan before kan.. Xkan ko x p melawat tu Kilang pembuatan Batik???

People, the process of making kain batik is not as easy as wearing kain batik..!! Pakai senang la, buat tu susah.. It is actually a skill acquired for the person involved in that process.. I watched it before during preparing the raw material for Helath Informatic assignment. We actually being assigned to do I-Movie project using Apple Computer.. So our theme was “Tempat2 menarik d Kelantan” and one of the places was Kilang Pembuatan Batik... Here were some of the picture taken.. Zaman muda2 dahulu kala.. Huhuhu..

Sheau Ping & me.. See, how expert the Designer..

Alalala, ni ada comot sikit.. X expert mangkali org ni..

The drying process..

Not forgetting my groupmates for the project, from left: Me, Shaeu Ping, Seok Yuin, Farah Hanna & Mong Ping..

That's all guys.. Another meeting to attend today@2.15pm, Meeting Jawatankuasa Pemandu MS ISO 9000.. Duhhh


chegu carol said...

ive heard it too today. We were just talking about it over meeting...kunun2 mau pakai batik every 1st and 15th day of the month. That was the idea before kan?

Then suddenly came this one up. Batik on Thursday. Hmmm....the rationale being? Sorry my acrobat reader doesnt seem wants to tidak dapat baca the circular.

chegu carol said...

just read bobby's post on this matter. so thats the reason why batik wearing is on thursday...easier to remember. oukayyyy

FredDass said...

Yaa.. that's the idea before Chegu..
Promoting Batik Malaysia..?? Emmm, I'm wondering..How to compare Batik Malaysia with Batik from other countries huh?? Thailand also producing batik rite??
The one I'm wearing now is Bentop's brand.. Ni considered Batik Malaysia ka juga..??? Huhuhu..

tajau said...

hantam ja ba sedangkan sa d cni pun.. pkai batik yg murah2 ja... tp c leo jugala jaguh.. 2 bulan bru 1 kali mgkali dia pakai bju batik...hahaa

FredDass said...

Tu la sa tinguk tu TV3 smalam smua pakai batik tu YB.. Mimang Putrajaya Batik jak la tu kan.. Laku Kedai Batik kalu mcm ni.. Jom bisnes kedai Batik...!!!

LeoFantasia a.k.a LEO said...

ehem....ehem...macam sya kanal jak tu pekeliling...sapa yang kasi upload tu aaa...??/ ehem...ehem....wakkaakakaka....tajau, ko diam2 sana!!!!....wakakaka..

FredDass said...

Leo, ko ka yang upload tu circular? Napa ko x pura2 tukar kasi setiap hari pakai baju batik.. Riuh satu Malaysia!!! hahahaha..