Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9th..

My first experience...
Last time, I used to be an interviewee.. Couples of times...

The worst I did was the interview with Malaysian Sport Council, Bukit Jalil..
But heiii, I did it untill I was called to work with them.. However, I decided not to join them..

The super duper nervous interview I'd ever went before was USM Scholarship for doing Master and PhD..
7 interviewer and among them was Deans and higher USM authority..
Again, I did well.. But the plan to continue stop in a middle of nowhere..

And today,
My Hospital Director called me to accompany him to be interviewer..
Just for the post of Pembantu Tadbir N17..

Didn't expected too much from the interviewee..
Most of them didn't really know the proper way of attending an interview..
No experience at all..

The interview session was postponed during a lunch time..

Went to cafe..
Accidently met up with my long-never-met matricbatch in Labuan..
He currently did his elective here in O&G department..
And now is a 4th year medical student, University College Cork Ireland..

I felt so small.. Be in the same age but his achivement is higher than me..
But still, it doesn't make any barriers at all..

Sharing some of his experiences..
and also old matric stories back in Labuan..

Just really felt that how I wish I can go back and change everything..
If I did good last time, I might be at the same level as him..
But I realised, what is done is done.. Never look back..

As what he said, "we are still young and no responsibilites at all,
Gain knowledges as much as we can..

"If you happen to be in UK, just gimme a call.. I may be longer there as I planned to do my Master"


IsaiahEzra said...

hye fred...

actually it is all GOD's plan.without u realise it,he is always fair..

there were times u can brag anout u achievement but there are times u feel so small and low

but no matter what,GOD actually is preparing something good& better 4 us that we dont realise.

we dont achieve what other achieve because we are all different and unique in our own way..

so treasure it..

chegu carol said...

no need to regret of what others have achieved and what you dont.

think of what you can change for tomorrow. :)

Kadus_Mama said...

:) I agree with chegu carol, think what you can do for you future..
Apa pun..opportunity is everywhere only have to find it..

EviE said...

c fredolin ka yang ko jumpa dat?