Wednesday, August 27, 2008


*Gambar lama.. When I was 22*
Yay, I'm 24 today.. Officially, 28.08.2008.. What a nice combination of numbers huh.. But still on 01.01.2009 I'll be 25 unofficially.. Time really flies so fast.. Duhh.. Anyway, thanks to those wishing me via sms as early as 12.04 am.. Just read it when I woke up this morning..

12.04 am: From Emmy (best girlfriend)
"Hepi 24th bday.smoga ko akn jd dietitian yg mantap, kumpul duit bnyk2, sambung study pas2 kwin smndk cntk mcm sa! erti kata len, may ol ur dreams cum true..hehe"

12.04 am: Stanley (younger bro)
No gReEtInG CaRd To GiVe..
No SwEeTfLoWeR To SeNd..
No Cute gRaPhIcS To FoRwArD..
JuSt a
"HaPpY BirTHday 2 U...;-)..

1.01 am: Mawar (Senior USM)
1>Never hate
2>Don't worry
3>Live simple
4>Expect a little
5>Give a lot
6>Always smile
7>Have frenz like me:p
Happy bday 24

9.15 am: Boy (Eldest bro)
happy birthday kikiduth..ha3 mo tua udah be dia.. anyway chayo2 in your work..

9.16 am: Abo (cousin)

I still remember last time I ever received more than 20 SMS'es of birthday wishes.. Where were those sender? Do they forgot me already? (Padahal, sendiri x ingat bday urang lain, napa pula mau expect birthday wishes dr urang lain..Hehehe).. Anyway, thanks for all the wishes guys.. I'm happy today.. really happy..


chegu carol said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Doesn't matter what number your age is...most important, an additional number means another satisfying one year life experience has been enjoyed...and another more years to come.

teda 'tabang pokok'?

Kadus_Mama said...

Happy birthday to u..
Muda lagi bah tu 25.. :)

tajau said...

oyoo sa lmbt ba kan,
awl pula diorang wishes ko...hehehe... sibuk kerja bo... ada meginum ka smlm?

FredDass said...

Chegu Carol: Thanxs.. ya betul itu umur tidak penting.. Yang penting kita gembira..hehehe

FredDass said...

kadus_Mama: thanks.. Ya ba, muda lagi tu..

FredDass said...

Tajau: sa minum 4 can of beer ja last night with a small RM2.50 cake.. Hehehe..