Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Be on time..

(sekadar gambar hiasan)
Working life is not as what I expected it to become like what I thought last time. Woke up early in the morning during my school-goers age is just to make sure I didn't late to catch up my school bus. I used to come late to school during my primary level. Maybe like once in a week. Not because I woke up late, instead my Dad is the one who wake me up as early as 5.30am. Having a school which was far away from my house (~ 20 km with gravel roadways) caused not only me but all my 'geng bas sekolah' came late to school once in a while.

However, the situation changed when I stepped into a secondary level. Living in a hostel for 6 years started since primary 6 until form 5 really gave me lots of precious experiences. At this time, waking up early in the morning is a must as I have to compete with others to use the bathroom. It is either waiting in a long queue or else the water supply will running low when it comes to my turn.. How chellenging is it huh.. I learn how to survive that time..

Then, come to my matriculation level. The college that I stayed was so complete with infrastructure. New building some more and my batch was so lucky to be the first staying there and also be the first to vandalize it.. Hahaha... No more wakes up early (at least not everyday) and no more competing for bathroom. But again, have to be panctual in any lecture and tutorial or else you will be considered absent which might finally effects your cumulative marks at the ends of semester..

Having lots of experiences before help me to cope with my new life in university. If others might experienced the so called 'culture shock', me, definitely not.. Kelantan is not what most of us expected. I can say that Kelantan is a good place for those wanna concentrate more on their study. No cinema, no shopping complex, no place for growing teens and the list goes on. However, FYI pub is still available.. Ever been in one of them once during new year eve and I still remember we got caught by police traffic. It was not because our driver's alcohol breath exceeds the alcohol analyser (they didn't check it on him even though we were a lil bit tipsy that time).. It was just because the car that we rent got problem with the 3rd brake light..

We got summoned but luck was always in our side. The car rental's people was the one paid it.. Hikksss...

I better stop here or else this will be a long winded post.. Out of topic already..

Actually what had happened today is I almost late to stamp my punch card. Can you guys imagine the manual machine puncher. Yup, if most of you now using the thumb print method to record your attendence in you working place, my place is still using the manual one.. When I was about to reach the machine this morning, the music tones started to play showing that it is 8am already. I rushed and stamp my card quickly. I thought I got a red colour but it is still black. When I asked my staff, then I knew the machine will stamp the time in red colour started at 8.01 am. Huh, how lucky I'm..
This is exactly look like the one we have here

Well, this is my second time actually. The first time was about a few months back but due to afraid of the red colour, I just let my card unstamp and just write the time manually. If the office people asks me, just said that I forgot to punch. A frequent accepted reason I guess.. Hahaha..

Better wake up early next time!!


Nick Phillips said...

One habit I have is I'm always in the office an hour before work starts :D

IsaiahEzra said...

wah!! good for you nick!!

sa pula suddenly ni temalas²..a few weeks ago kedapatan GB lagi tu baru sampai,sa greet dia pun dia senyum sinis ja..

tapi x pandai jara ni..dulu 2o minutes before the bell rings I'm already in the staffroom but lately, (maybe because of the school holiday syndrom) now I speed 7 minutes from home to school and still I'm late...ekekekek

sHeiLa said...

wah! u are so damn punctual..if u said that u still using the manual machine puncher, hahha..mine one just need to write onto the log book..so, lets say i reached late to school around 7.45am,i still can write 7.30! hehehehehe..that's the best thing about old-school-way..sehhh

FredDass said...

nick philips: Wah, what a good habit Nick.. I usually be in office 5 minutes before the clock strikes 8am.. How bad huh!!

FredDass said...

isaiahezra:wah buli tahan tu.. Depan GB lagi..Hahaha.. Tapi lately sa selalu kedapatan pula dengan bos sa ni.. Masuk lewat after lunch time.. 2.10pm baru masuk office.. Trus sa buat dekkk jak, pura2 mcm x buat salah.. hahaha..
Well, he is punctual though but always keluar 10-15 minit awal before lunch time or time pulang.. So, kira sama juga la tu kan.. Hahaha (mati la kalau dia baca blog sa ni)

FredDass said...

sheila: Wahhh, bestnya.. Kalau la tempat sa mcm tu lagi lewat la sa sampai opis ni.. hahaha.. Sa ingat kalau d sekolah cikgu2 main punch juga rupanya lain pula.. Sioknya kalau mcm tu kan

Gallivanter said...

Wowee, reminds me of my previous company, punish people who are late one minute, but do not recognize if they stay longer hours to complete extra work.

I guess, discipline is needed, but should be given the carrot treatment rather than stick treatment. Hence, we Asians will always remain as Asians. Sigh.

chegu carol said...

school sa pun masi guna log book. but i normally punctual lah except on MOndays cos sa drive dr kk kan..jadi kdg2 tu lmbat jg lah smpai di school ;)

Ada school besar sdh pakai thumb print oh mo punch in/out. One school in Kolombong pakai computer mo punch in but sa tia sure how does that works.

IsaiahEzra said...

hye sheila,same la with our school.kami pun still use log book but the others are sooo SINCERE ni..yg veteran² lagi tu

sampai yg datang pkul 2 pun rileks ja tulis pukul 2.kadang² sa pula yg malu sebab selalu menipu.

like yesterday,sa datang pkul 1 but sa tulis ja pkul 12.50..ekekekek

FredDass said...

gallivanter: Yup, I second your motion.. Should give carrot rather than stick treatment bah..
People always look our mistakes at the first place rather than the good side of us..
We are truly Asian!!Hahaha

FredDass said...

CheguCarol: Wahh, 'changgeh'nya pakai comupter.. Fist time pula sa dengar..
So means every Monday u'll drive straight away from KK to school.. Wah, hebatsss.. Sure ko bangun awal tu kan around 5am.. Salute you!!

FredDass said...

isaiahezra: Wah bagusnya veteren2 collegue ko.. veteren2 sini pun punctual juga.. Tapi ada juga tu yang sa nampak datang punch awal pagi pastu terus drive keluar.. Itu punctual apa nama dia tu ahhh? Hahaha..
Kedapatan bah dornag selalu oleh saya la.. kan sa ni jenis 10 minutes before 8am baru sampai, so sa selalu la time drive belimpas sama dorg di enterence.. X tau dorang p isi minyak ka atau p mana tu..

chegu carol said...

bukan lai 5am..4.30am bah abis kan wanita...mo bersolek lagi...hahaha

FredDass said...

CheguCarol: Owhh, ada extra 30 minutes lagi rupanya for grooming.. Hehehe.. Kalau la sa mcm tu, alamat sa lewat hrai-hari..Hehehe