Friday, April 4, 2008


Been so busy for the past few days.. Again I got an in-house course regarding MS ISO entitles Internal Auditor.. It was actually just a refreshment for me as all the course contents were about the same with the course that I attended last month in Subang.. Same consultant some more..

Okay guys, I got another course to attend next week again regarding MS ISO but now entitled Management Representative in Shah Alam.. I'm just alone this time so not quite excited like last time.. BUT, Mr LeoFantasia have a big plan however still not confirm yet.. We maybe will be there in Akademi Fantasia concert.. If the plan go on smoothly, that will the first time I go to AF concert.. "selama ni tengok d TV jak". Sure it will going to be a blast.. Go Stacy.. Go Stacy!!!

I'll be there in KL for almost 1 week.. I can say it is a Holiday for me.. "jarang2 cuti panjang mcm ni".. Even till now I still have 30 days of my annual leave.. Dunno when exactly I can go for a long and fantastic vacation.. "Kumpul duit dulu la"..Wakaka.. So, there will be no updates next week but do keep on visiting my page yaa...




urang ranau said...

bagi2 lah sikit tu cuti ko...share2 la kio.. ;p

EviE said...

come go bali...murah jak tiket skrg tau...meh2 guna airasia..ok tu!

FredDass said...

Hi urang ranau, ba buli ba.. Kalu itu cuti buli transfer macam credit prepaid awal2 lagi sa bg ko.. wahaha..

FredDass said...

Evie: Bali? yaa, the other day my friend also suggested to go there.. Will consider it anyway.. AirAsia of coz, murah bah kan..Wahahaha