Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Owwhh 2009!!

Its 3pm now.. Another 9 hours more for the coming New Year 2009!!
Owhh no, I couldn't imagine how time flies so fast..
It's just like yesterday I celebrate the begining year of 2008 and again tonight the same celebration repeating...

I haven't prepare myself for the new year..
No 2008 resolution was made last year..
And I guess the same decision will be for 2009..

Nothing much I can say about the coming year..
Nothing more I can say about the year to be left..
Just wishing for the fruitful blessings from above..

Guys, still not late to wish ya Merry Christmas and not too early to wish you Happy New 2009...
God bless ya!! See ya next year..

Sa mau menyanyi karaoke puas2 ni malam.. Mau kasi buang soi 2008.. Peduli la sampai pagi.. Sa mau cuti juga on Friday..


Kadus_Mama said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 to your fred..sia diam2 di rumah saja nie.. :(

Ady Valentine said...

ya fred.. next time jalah join kau moginum.. hahhaha!
nnyanyi puas-puas sampai keluar suma soy..
oooh ya. jan lupa mandi tenga-tenga malam 12.a.m ni. cheers..!

Nick Phillips said...

Happy New Year Fred :D

chegu carol said...

Hey Fred!
happy New Year!!!!

Tida pigi Bunsit kasi buang soi kah? I miss those years when i was young and dad used to gather with his colleagues there, BBQ and makan2 on New Year's eve...satu family bah kami dia bawa kasi mandi manda sana sungai Bunsit.

FredDass said...

Kadus_Mama, Ady Valentine, Nick Philips, Chegu Carol: Happy New Year 2009 too!! Enjoy!!!

IsaiahEzra said...

hye...happy new year!!
ba cepat update.
it's already 2009!!!