Friday, March 6, 2009

I long for holiday..

Having 30 days of annual leave doesn't meant anything for me..
I still have another 11 days of my annual leave last year..
And to summed it up, I still have 41 days of 'Cuti Rehat' for this year..

Since January and ahead, I only have a chance to take 1 day off from work which was on January the 2nd (friday)..
Well, I applied that leave not from my bos mind you..
I directly sent my application to my Director for approval..

Having said that, I'm sure most all of you can already pictured how is my relationship with him..
Everyday, I'm trying to avoid him in any situation..
Enough with the bos..
I'm scared if anyone from my workplace accidentally drop by here and read my rants..
Anything 'disaster' can be possible..

TGIF.. Means that I have a lot to catch up today..
And one of the top of it is American Idol..
My TATIANA DEL TORO got through to the wild card round..
She deserved it..
Compared those boring-showmanship contestant..
Come on America, vote for Tatiana Del Toro..

And OIAM 3rd week concert is also aired tonight..
Hope Esther will perform well this time..


Gallivanter said...

You a Tatiana fan ka? She actually has talent but her drama acting's kinda irritating. :-P

FredDass said...

Gallivanter: She's so funny bah.. Hehehe.. But she chose the same song during the wild card show.. I think she can do better if she choose another song..