Friday, March 13, 2009


It's friday..
On a brighter note, boss is off from work today..
Means, I will not expecting any call to do this and that as I usually did..
Today, just sit on my chair and do my own stuff..

Weather in Keningau nowadays are not so good..
Sunny in the early morning until afternoon and cloudy in the evening and always ended up raining in the late evening..
Causes our volleyball training schedule postponed everyday.. *Sigh*

Back to the story where I blog about my flabby abs..
Yes, it's now in the good shape already..
Thanks to the volleyball training..
The alcohol-avoidance habit helps too..
Some of the accumulated fat is gone away already..

Owh ya guys, come to alcohol topics, how many of you are heavy alcohol consumer?
I was last time.. But not up to the level of addiction..
But since I started work, I reduced the habit slowly as I couldn't tolerate suffering from hangover during workdays..
Till then my 'social activities' will be only during weekends..

However, started early 2009, I started to avoid alcohol..
I always refused to come whenever I was called for any social gathering..
You now what I mean kan..
Kalau di kampung-kampung tu mesti ada acara aramai ti..
One of the top of why I tried to avoid it is the fact that my profession requires me to show a good example to others..
There were couples of time when I bumped to my patients and staff from my workplace.. With a weird face and total disbelief that the Dietitian do take alcohol in an excessive amount.. Haha..
And now my alcohol intake is only during festivities.. But still in a controlled amount..

Become a Dietitian is easier said than done..
One have to have a maintained body weight..
Because it reflects you as a role to others..
There was times when people watched me eating, the kind of food I buy in supermarket (they even avoid me as they afraid me looking what's in their trolley)..Funny huh!

Sorry guys, out of topic already..
Dunno why I suddenly comes to this topic..
I might be got influenced by those who always blog about their concern on weight..

One thing to remind for those who really struggled with their body weight and shape..
Being overweight and obese is not only the problem of external appearance..
Medical problem do take place and of course at the top of everything.. Remember it!!


tajau said...

huish sa punya perut besar sudah mcm tertelan bola bowling...wakaka

oyuki said...

hehe..fred, sa pn mo kc fit perut tp sa mls mo sit up..mcm mn tu??
uik, d mn ko men volleyball? sa tgh praktis budak2 sa men volley ball ba sa kasian ni dorg sbb sa mn pndi men valleyball..jd sa suru ja dorg men ni..ko paam2 la..dl d matrik pkul bola pn x smpi p gelanggang sblh..huhu

chegu carol said...

Fred, i need to gain least ah? seriously ni. i tried taking lots of carb and protein...tapi mcm teda perubahan pun. mau almost 5 years sdh sa trying ni.