Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Being offered to be a Best man..

While I'm sitting on my chair alone in my office, this thing suddenly pop up in my mind.. I almost forgot..!!! I got a phone call from a friend of mine in KK a week ago asking for help.. What kind of help? He ask me to be a Best man for his wedding ceremony which will be held on March next year somewhere in Tuaran.. I was quite suprised to hear it.. Then I told him to give me times to think about it first..

I didn't have experiences of become a Best man before.. What I knew that the Best man is the one who will be beside the Bridegroom throughout the wedding ceremony, giving support physically and mentally.. In simple words, the Best man have to do everything the Bridegroom ask for.. Am I right?? And usually in Kampung, the best man will be the one who:

1) Single (not divorce).
2) Of course la must be young.
3) Have a close relationship (siblings or cousin) with either the bridegroom or the bride.
4) Good looking (This one include ka??? Hahaha)~Sometimes maybe huh, kalau tidak hensem buruk la tu gambar kahwin nanti kan..

Then I browsed the Wikipedia and this is what I found:
The best man is the name given to the chief male assistant to the bridegroom at a wedding. Usually the groom extends this honour to someone who is close to him, generally either a brother or his closest male friend. Alternatively, should one of the groom's male friends have been directly responsible for introducing the groom to his bride (or otherwise responsible for bringing them together), the honor of best man might be extended to him in gratitude. In a remarriage, a son of the groom may sometimes act as best man.

Then I understand.. But I wonder about the sentences I colored above:

"his closest male friend" - We are close but for sure I'm not his closest male friend.

"groom's male friends have been directly responsible for introducing the groom to his bride " - This one 100% true.. I and my closest friend YUS introduce this girl to him.. But we are not the one bringing them together la..

Then while I browsing thru the net, I also found this:

In the context of a traditional American/British white wedding, the best man's duties typically include:

* Organizing a bachelor party (U.S.) / stag night (U.K.) / buck's night (Aus.) for the groom
* Possibly helping plan or organize some details of the wedding
* Assisting with wedding-day logistics and unforeseen circumstances that arise
* Assisting the groom on the morning of wedding day
* Getting the groom to the wedding on time
* Supervising the groomsmen or ushers
* Ensuring the rings are brought to the ceremony (usually they will have been given to the best man either earlier in the day or previously) and then passing these to the bride and groom at the appropriate point in the ceremony
* Acting as a legal witness to the marriage
* Giving a speech at the wedding and thanking the bride's parents
* Making a toast to the bride and groom at the reception
* Dance with the Maid of honor and helping to ensure that other guests make it to the dance floor and dance
* Decorating the car of the married couple
* Returning the Groomsmen's tuxedos, if they are rented

If I have to do all the above responsibilities, I will absolutely refuse his offer.. But I know, in Sabah there is no such thing right.. Jadi pengapit kampung2 bole la bah kan..
But till now, I haven't decide.. Last minute decision maybe.. Will decide once he call me la because I have to stay in Tuaran for maybe at least 3 days and of coz la segannnn kan... Usually people will say "kalau jadi pengapit tu biasanya tidak lama lagi juga mau kahwin".. Is that true??

Above's picture: Daphne Iking's wedding (pinjam gambar ya Daphne!!)..


chegu carol said...

if this is ur first time, just take the offer...if this is ur second..then dont anymore...

normally here in sabah...the bestman's role is always the one to 'support' the groom when he kena attack by those with beers in their hands.

i suppose u are good in getting drunk, so u are already qualify to be a Bestman. :)

FredDass said...

Beers are my favourite.. Wahahaha.. Then I have to consider the offer la kan chegu..Huhuhu