Wednesday, December 5, 2007

No recent update to be posted, No interesting story to be shared.. I'm just damn busy..

It's been 3 days after I came back from Tawau.. Wanna share with u all the precious experiences I had in Tawau but time doesn't allow me to do so.. So busy with the management thingy.. Yeaa, at the end of the year all things have to be settled up especially those have to do with financial.. Account will be closed very soon, so all the claims have to be well prepared and sent to accountant.. Hehehe, "Money that matters".. That is what I'm working on now..

Then have to draft all the activities for 2008 to make sure it doesn't clash with activities held by Hospital... Duhhh, I'm so blurrrr..*sigh*

I wish I'm still in Tawau, dun have to be burdened by all this things..

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