Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy Doing Nothing...

"BUSY DOING NOTHING"...It is just what I expected early this morning.. I thought I'm free today but another things occured.. I'm quite busy today...!!! The pixs above was taken before I went to clinic.. It is my office, a lil messy right.. huhu.. Dunno what to do, then after saw my camera in my desk, took some pixs lor..

Today is a quite busy day for me.. The Diabetic Screening was held in front of my clinic and I'm the one who have to give a Dietary Intervention for those with positive screening... Duhhh.. It was a free screening and again I have a chance to check mine.. Mine was negative, huhuhu.. As expected la kan..

Now is 12.30 pm.. I'd planned things to do after lunch:

2.00 pm: Waiting referrals from ward. If nothing, thanks God.. (ketara pemalas betul ooo)

3.00 pm: Settle up all the unfinished work. Since now is the end of month, a lotta report has to be sent to Quality Department as well as Hospital Queen Elizabeth.

5.00pm: Go back home, wash car coz I'm gonna leaving home and my car for 5 days..

6.00pm: Have to pack all my stuff.. Tawau is waiting for me..huhu..

Tawau Map.. A convoy trip to TAWAU 2molo...

9.00pm: It is a bed time...ZZZZzzzzzz.. But before sleep wanna watch Smallville and Supernatural.. New season maa, downloaded by my bro's collegue.

Wish me luck for my Volleyball Competition kkk.. We represent ZON PEDALAMAN..:p


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