Monday, November 12, 2007


Actually this is a story which I should share to you a long time ago as I was graduated on the past few months, August 2007.. It was a very memorable days for me as my so called 'special day' was attended by a bunch of 'MUNSAU FAMILY'.. It was a wonderful trip to Penang. Emmm, forgot to mention, I was graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia, attended study at USM (Health Campus) Kubang Kerian Kelantan and graduated at USM (Main Campus) Penang. Here are some of the picture taken during the day of my CONVO.. Yahooo...
The Munsau Family.. thanx for your support.. The 2 little boy and girl are my cousin.. See, in a younger age already stepped on Bumi Semenanjung.. How lucky they are.. Actually another one was missing in the pix.. My younger bro Stanley.. he is the one who took this picture..

These were the flowers that I got from my aunties and uncles and not forgetting from my juniors and relatives from Penang.. I got a lot till I couldn't hold them in one hand.. Anyway, thanx again for the flowers.. I still kept it till today.. The largest flowers I got from Aunty Tooh.. It worth RM 40.. Can u imagine how I brought all the flowers back to Sabah.. Duhh.. I think, I'm the one who got a lot of flowers during my convo session.. Huhuhu...

Haaa, at last I got it.. I like his picture.. Even, I have 1 big photo of it sized 11R hanged in my house.. huhuhu.. But the spoiled thing in this picture was my eyes.. It's a bit up, looked abnormal.. Noticed it or not? Here the zoomed one..

Thanx Pro Chancelor...

What made me felt happy during my convo was that, I never expected to won the Gold Medal Award for the best Bachelor Of Health Science student.. Sorry, I didnt have a picture of the gold medal.. It is a bit heavy, goldish in color.. Just imagine lor kkk... What else huh? Ok, have a view of these beautiful pictures lor..

My siblings.. Stanley Christie (younger bro), Friedrich Christie and Ferdinand Christie (eldest bro).. 2 are missing, Fernandez Christie (2nd bro) and Sherilyn Christie (younger sis).. Both of them couldn't made it to my convo..

Auncle Eddie and his wife Aunty Helen

Aunty Juliana a.k.a Ambuno @ sis....

Aunty Jugina a.k.a Tooh

Aunty Pina and her son Rayden Chadwick a.k.a Bontet (tuntut malu)..

Finally, my coursemate.. Some were missing, especially the chinese team..

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