Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Politic in Hospital organization.. I'm the victim of situation..

Well, let me start with this. As the only Dietitian in Hospital Keningau, the work loads are absolutely tough. I have to become a Head of Nutrition & Dietetic Department, doing outpatient and inpatient nutrition therapy, food service which is not only in my department but also the cafeteria as well and the hospital management thingy (meeting and so on).. Doing a lotta works in one time alone for sure resulting in a moderate outcome..I admit it.

Actually, what i'm trying to share with you all is that, I felt bad when one of the Sister (Ketua Jururawat) told and complained to me just now.. I met her during lunch time in cafeteria and she said that the food served by my department is not tasty, patient didn't wanna eat, tasteless and bla..bla..bla.. And she said, as a new Dietitian in this hospital I have to modify the menu. I can see the way she speak to me is like I'm the one who is not productive and she seems like underestimate my ability. That time I wanna answer all her complaint but as a newcomer in this hospital I realised I have to respect her even my position is higher than her and eventhough all the things she said was wrong. Experience made them knowledgeble than me. Once again, I have to admit it. Have a look on the meals prepared by my department:

See, the food is served in a hygenic way.. This is a plating process as my Hospital practicing a centralised plating method.

Lunch for 1st class patient and for Dr on-call

Set Lunch for 3rd class patient

Tea break for 1st class patient and Dr on-call

Look appetizing right.. Last time, I ever did my practical in this hospital and I did eat the food prepared and trust me, the taste is absolutely good. Even one of the chef here ever worked in a 4 star hotel.. But if the diet is a therapeutic diet (special diet for patient with high blood pressure and diabetis mellitus a.k.a kencing manis) of course the food prepared is tasteless (no added salt and sugar)..Thats why most of the complaint we got were from Diabetic and Hypertension patient.. Huhuhu..

People nowadays also have a mindset of Hospital Diet is not tasty (Makanan hospital tidak sedap !!!).. Tell me, what do u expect the taste of the foods when it is cooked in a big amount together like cooking a sweet and sour chicken for almost 180+++ people.. The taste would be diffrent compare to the one cooked in a small amount kan.. You trust me...

Since I worked in this hospital I realised that most of my staff and collegue from other department were not satisfied with the way Sister treat them.. I'm not saying that they didn't do a good job but the way they treat other nurses and staff is in a non-professional way. Not all sisters la. But some of them.. And I ever heard one of the staff said that one of the sister is a backstaber. She will smile at you but at the back she will find your mistakes and will exagarating it when she have a chance..Huhuhu.. Is it only a gossip or should I be more careful?

I also knew that sisters in this hospital have thier own group.. They will gather among thier group yang satu kepala and will not mingle with other group sister.. Even my Hospital Director, Dr William ever mention about 'makan hati berulam jantung' among the sisters during meeting because one of the sister didn't want to borrow medical equipments from other ward instead request a new one for her ward.. This is what I call POLITIC IN HOSPITAL ORGANIZATION. Duhhhh..

So from today onwards, I will try to be insensitive when sisters complain about the service of my department as long as my department is doing good. But if what they complain is right, I will take is in a positive way lor.. Wish me luck...(^.^)..

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Aslynn Yeon said...

hi, i am a dietetics student too or more precisely, i m ur junior as i am also studying in usmkk. i saw ur blog regarding centralised plating method. i jz wonder what is the different between centralised and decentralised plating method? i have search for many article, but i become more confuse.
is all in-house is decentralised while all outsource is centralised?
cook-chilled/ cook-freezed meal is centralised or decentralised?