Monday, November 26, 2007

The Harsh Time..

I feel so stressed up today..Dunno when it is started..Woke up this morning I'm still okay.. However, after thinking of routine in my workplace, all of sudden I felt pressure on my brain.. But thanks God I'm a bit free today; no appointment, no outpatient referral. BUT, got meeting at 2pm, and 2 inpatient referral today..Arggghh..

Whatever it is, I'm going to Tawau this coming wednesday. I have a volleyball competition for KKM (Ministry Of Health) Sabah.. Wanna get rid from a boring working environment.. I'm away Keningau from 28th Nov - 2nd Dec..Huhuu.. Meaning that I miss the aramai tii on 1st of Dec.. A lot of 'serangan moginum' that day.. My neighbour 'Family Day' - besar-besaran lagi tu.. Tu kem suda pasang, tinggal mau buat pentas and potong sapi lagi, ada band lagi tu.. The 'kem' is right in front of my house, sure a lotta sumandaks coming that day..At the same day is 100 days of the late Enggoh Ungkiu, my gradma's brother.. Sorry, I cannot attend.. And from what I heard, a lot of wedding ceremony will be held on that day (Bunsit ada, Bingkor pun ada)..

Now, I wanna back home for lunch.. Hopefully my cousin already cook for me.. Really wanna unwind my tension... Got to back here on 2pm.. Got meeting to attend.

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