Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'd checked my Lipid Profile.. How's yours?

Type of high cholesterol foods..

Last few weeks, I and my staff went to Patology Department of Hospital Keningau to run some blood test.. I just requested for Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG), Total Cholesterol (TC) and TG (Triglycerides).. All of those test will indicate weather our health condition is good or not.

FBG: Usually if the FBG is abnormal (not in a normal range) those people will be diagnosed of having Diabetes Mellitus a.k.a kencing manis.

TC: If our TC is high, it is due to high consumption of high cholesterol foods such as kepala ikan (apa-apa jenis kepala la including seafoods), eggs, offal (organ dalaman mcm hati dan pedal) and of course high saturated fat foods such as fried and fatty foods.
Artherosclerosis.. The process in which the fat cholesterol particle in our blood is deposited to our blood vessel's wall. This may leads to cardiovascular disease, stroke and even sudden death.

TG: When TG is high than what is recommended, it indicates that he or she has a high consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Other than that, it occured might due to excess intake of fruits. In addition of that, high alcohol intake may also rises the TG level. Kalau di Keningau ni x payah tanya minum tapai ka tidak, usually I just check the TG level. If high than normal, sure 'logop' tu. Huhuhu..

I got my result the same day of the specimen taken. Yeah, I'm happy to know that all the test result was in a normal range huhuhu.. Here was the results:

AGE : 23Y 2M 7D
PATIENT ID : 001/20
SPECIMEN NO : 1007020350

Cholesterol 3.55 mmol/L (0.00-5.20)
Triglycerides 1.21 mmol.L (0.00-2.30)
Glucose Fasting 4.9 mmol/L (3.5-6.1)

The funny thing is that I forgot to fast and already taken soy milk that morning before the test was ran but still my fasting glucose level fall within a normal range. Does it shows that I'm extra healthy? hehehe... Another thing is that, I'm still kagutan (pening-mabuk alkohol) when my blood was taken because the day before was Sunday which is the day for aramai tih..

Whatever it is, thanks God for keep me in this healthy stage. Still have to watch out every type of meals to be taken every day to make sure my lipid profile remains normal.

How is my staff's blood result??
Sadly to say, 3 of them have a high cholesterol level. they give me a reason which can be accepted.. Bulan puasa dan Raya bah baru2, tu yang tinggi tu...

Yaaa, we ran our blood test actually just a week after raya. So thier reason might be acceptable.. But the good thing is that they ask me for consultation regarding low cholesterol diet.

So, we'd checked ours, how's yours? Better check, murah saja ba tu kalau di private hospital.



chegu carol said...

In govt hospital can get the result in one day? seriously? i thought it would take days or weeks...bagus pi govt hosp like that.

i should check mine lah..been eating ngiu chap almost every 2 or 3 days in a week. Bayaya!

FredDass said...

Eheemmm, chegu the test is easy to run (canggih already) but the waiting list is sooo long.. Have to wait lor..
But us, special request la.. Potong jalan.. huhuhu...

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