Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Internet access reconnected.

I just realized that I only have 4 entries for this month.. Actually I got lots of story to blog but time never allowed me to do so (macam la orang lain x busy kan).. If I have internet connection in my house sure I’ll blog everyday.. STREAMYX?? of course I want one in my home but I’m afraid it to become SCREAMYX like what Mr Cicak experienced everytime.. So I ended up ‘Nantilah, online dari office pun suda cukup”..

Last week was a boring week for me as suddenly internet connection in my workplace was blocked by IT Department.. It was actually due to circular from Sabah Health Ministry mentioned that all internet network in whole hospitals in Sabah will be governed, supervised and monitored by ICT Department located in KK.. So if someone request for internet connection have to fill the request form first.. What la the regulation!!!

After almost 2-3 days working without onlining I realized that I had done a lot of my pending work.. When no things to do, I gone through all the old stuff (document n etc) in my department.. I think I gained much information pertaining of all the activites oganized by the previous Dietitian before.. "Eemm, bagus juga ba bila x internet!!"

But yaaa, I cannot help myself without surfing thru the net for just a few days.. I went to CC in the weekend just to check out my email as well as my 'The Silent Daydreamer' page.. Huhuhu.. So for all my royal viewers/readers thanx for keep visiting..

Then on Monday, when I was about to leave my office, my brother told me that the internet connection was already reconnected 'arggh, sigh in relief'.. However, some of the pop up ads and some of the web page which were not appropriate to the hospital service was blocked.. What la!! Last time when the friendster page was blocked I still can visit it via, IM can be access thru But now all the hiburan2 (hiburan can be everything huh but I mean the chatting and social networking page) was entirely blocked dan x dapat ditembusi.. WTH.. Whatever la, as long as I can view my blog and email were already okay ba kn..

Capaian Disekat

Capaian anda ke laman web telah disekat dan direkodkan kerana mengandungi unsur-unsur Chat
yang melanggar polisi capaian internet, Bahagian Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi Unit Helpdesk dan Sokongan Teknikal, KKM
di talian 03-8883 3883 opt. 3 atau email ke

The above page will be appeared when I visit the blocked pages.. Hahah, the above one was my cBox chat.. So I'll officially close my cBox very soon.. I cannot view it at all so better close it.. So guys if u wanna drop me a message just put it in the comment ya..

So till then..


kaDus_Mama said...

alalalaa...sedihnya kena block! P lah subscribe tu celcom broadband..bulih juga ko online kalau d rumah. Nanti kurang blog sia mau baca kalau ko teda update.. ;)

chegu carol said...

i dont seem to have problem with my streamyx. mangkali pasal tida ramai urg pakai streamyx sini area sa jadi siok sikit mau surf.

Betul lah...kalu ada Internet, satu hari, satu hari juga tiada buat kerja oh.
Sa paham tu kalu yg psl ministry2 kasi block certain sites. Thats the main reason why I subscribe to my own streamyx. Lucky i dont have much problem with my streamyx far. :)

tajau said...

fred.. use this free proxy to access your cbox

just type your cbox address...

FredDass said...

KadusMama: Tu la.. sa fikir pun macam tu juga mau subscribe the SCREAMYX tapi belum ada budget lagi ni, mau kumpul duit dulu palan-palan.. hahaha

CheguCarol: As far as I knew in my small isolated Kg only my opposite neighbour have the internet connection.. Mesti kuat signal nanti kalau sa pasang kan..
Tu la, skrg ni sa start sua jadi malas balik.. Huhuhu..

Tajau: Alalaa, power betul ni KKM block ni website.. Pun x dapat access ni.. Ni yang kuar:

Capaian anda ke laman web telah disekat dan direkodkan
kerana mengandungi unsur-unsur Proxies & Translators..


cicak said...

mr fred,
try this one

add to your cbox address.

something like

FredDass said...

Cicak: Thanx for the tips.. But when I tried it out, it didn't works la.. "Invalid Quick Link"..