Wednesday, February 13, 2008

8 the lucky number..

Joan tagged me past few days.. Thanx anyway Joan, The Tamparulian Sumandak!! This tagging questions is indeed hard to answer.. It takes almost 1 hour to complete the question.. So many things to recall..

8 things I'm passionate about:

1. holidays
2. attire (sometimes)
3. career (working time)
4. karaoke-ing
5. alcohol (aramai tii)
6. hairdo
7. volleyball
8. music sometimes..

8 things I say often:

1. Buli ba kalau kau!! BBKK
2. tuntut malu c Bontet.. (among my cousin only)
3. Jom p aramai tiii... (Time p serangan moginum)
4. f***ing s**t!! (easier to lose my temper while driving)
5. Tiilaai, baru ko tau..
6. Apa ko rasa, OREN???
7. Hello!! (Answering a call)
8. Morning!!! (Every morning at workplace)

8 books I’ve read recently:

1. Medical Nutrition Therapy Guidelines(MNT)
2. Booklets (this one include ka?)
3. Astro view (seeking for interesting programmes)
4. Hospital Diet Manual
5. Week ago, of course Bible.. (Before Bed)
6. Gen 2 Owner's Manual (Not finishing yet wakakaka)
7. Dictionary of course.. Have one in my office..
8. Readers Digest.. (this one couple months ago)
..... so hard to recall back...

8 things to do before I die:

1. For sure got MARRIED..
2. Further study...
3. Owning a big house and cars...
4. Won awards, being published in press... (Bila lagi mau popular)
5. Publish my own journals and articles...
6. Travel around the world..
7. Have collections of alcohol drinks.. My dream house will have a small exotic bar..(Ini pun kalau bini x marah)
8. Presenting Sabah or any higher level for Volleyball Games.. (Reserved player could be okay..Hahahaha)

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:

1. How to save a live - The Fray
2. Let It Be - The Beatles
3. Christmas song..
4. I'm just a kid - Simple Plan
5. Sabah Tanah Airku
6. National Anthem - Negaraku
7. I'll be there for u - Bon Jovi
8. MCR, Chris Daughtry, Poco2 songs, Dusun song n many more la...

8 things that attract me to my friends:

1. friendly..Emm??
2. low profile.. (no boss, no coolie)
3. easier to get blush..
4. silent most of time..
5. generous in certain situations...(But my bro always call me PELUKI@KEDEKUT)
6. talkative in certain topic..
7. cold-hearted but still take time to be cooled down..
8. perfectionist in term of working on something..

8 things I learn in the last year:

1. Appreciate friends..
2. Don't simply judge peoples..
3. Life is just too short..
4. Make a big decision.. The things that had been decided cannot be regreted..
5. Money management..
6. I learn how to blog...Hehehe..
7. Handle a Department and Staffs..
8. Adapt with working life..(Transition from student life - got culture shock in the begining)

8 people I want to tag

1. LeoFantasia
2. Chegu Carol
3. Mr Cicak
4. Bobby
5. Tajau
6. GuRaNgAk
7. Dogoes
8. Yusmaidie


chegu carol said...

hmm...sia cuba try perah otak lah ni dulu...huhuhu

FredDass said...

Gud Luck Chegu!! Take ur time k..

EviE said...

thanx for doin the tag Q's

cicak said...

atuk! all in eights ah. lucky number kaitu :)
sia pun mo perah2 utak la juga dlu ni.