Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Harvesting season...

Harvesting season aka Musim Mangatam where most of the villagers getting so busy with thier activities in paddy fields, including me to be exact... Right after the Chinese New Year celebration, u can see there was a yellowish view alongside road simbolizes that paddy is ripening.. As for this year, Mangatam activities are quite slow as it is raining since the past few days (can I say weeks??) But still people continuing to harvest thier paddy as to prevent the paddy from over-ripening..

Me and all the Munsau's family started to harvest paddy right after a week of CNY..
Aunty and cousin.. Zoomed in from distance.. Actually I just arrived and snapped a few pixs before fitting on long sleeve.. Lambat sampai coz baru bangun.. Kogutan!!!

The team.. Actually padi ni rebah kena tiup angin.. So, susah mau katam, sakit pinggang wooo..

Preparing meals.. Sardines mix with 'ambarua' (so bitter).. Simple dishes tastes so nice when it is consumed at paddy field..

Resting time..

Lunch time.. Sik fan, sik fan...

Not to be left behind, my nephew.. Langkawit aka Awit aka Bangkawot!!! See, in a younger age already get used in paddy environment.. He even knew how to havest the paddy.. Salute!!!


tajau said...

uish..besar sudah c langkawit ah.. pandai mengatam sudah wakakaka... siap ada bekal makanan lg ah.. ketarala nda pandai mkn ambarua...kekeke

klu uncle dia yg 1 ni ada d sana kana kasi 'biris' tu..sbb pndai putung padi suda kan...ehehee

FredDass said...

Alala, x buli biris time tu.. Syarat dia x bole minum sampai semua karaja selesai.. bila semua suda siap tabasan baru ramai2 meginum hormat babarayon.. Siap ada karaoke lagi ni mangkali.. Buat sana ruma lama (rumah biru) sandapak..