Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm leaving Keningau for KL..

Leaving Keningau means leaving my blog for a while.. I'm flying off to KL next week Monday 25 to attend MS:ISO 9001:2000 course entitled Internal Audit, Quality Management System MS ISO.. Yeahh, after being selected to become a new Management Representative of Hospital Keningau this is the first time I go for course regarding ISO.. I'm in a process of moulding and shapening.. And to make a new Management Representative, my hospital spend almost RM6000 for me.. What a big expenses huh..

Well, will leaving my blog.. Update will be on 3rd of March (kalau rajin).. Flying back to Sabah on 29th Feb Friday.. Owhhh ya, for ya information (those who are keningau-ian), Outpatient Department or famously known as Hospital Lama Keningau will be transfered and combined with Hospital Baru.. So, if ya got fever, flu or any simple medical cases make sure u go to Specialist Clinic Complex of Hospital Keningau to get ur treatment started on 3rd of march 2008.. Do inform ur friends and families ya... (Tiada suda tu hospital lama. Itu hospital jadi Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah suda)

So, for those who are now in KL, do all of ya have a plan for me? I'll stay in The Summit Hotel, USJ.. Gimme a call if have a master plan.. I wanna join...Wahahaha..

Okey, have a nice weekend.. Tommorow have to go to paddy field (tabasan) to "melerai" paddy using 'Pelerai'.. Harap2 la tahun ni hasil lebih banyak..Then in the evening got invited by my neigbbour Uncle Toyuk for his youngest daughter birthday party.. Aramai Tiii!!! Adios!!!

CNY pix at my relative's house.. My aunty got engaged actually at the same day.. A bit tipsy.. Baju merah muka pn merah..Hehehe


tajau said...

sapa yg tunang .. c maureen ka? wakakaka

chegu carol said...

bah...beli sa selipar jipun esprit di kl...hahaha...tiada bah sana KK jual tu...

FredDass said...

Tajau: Ya aunty ko yang seksi yang bertunang tu.. C Maureen..

Chegu Carol: Ala chegu, lambat ko inform sa.. Sa baru tbaca ni comment after back here.. No time to online in KL, some more I didn't bring my laptop though.. Bulan April sa p kursus lagi at the same place but for different topic of MS ISO course..