Thursday, February 14, 2008

I say YES for the offer... But

Guys, happy Valentine's Day.. I dun have any plan, just being single in Valentine's Day.. Somemore, never officially being involved in serious relationship though.. I realised I should have someone special in the age of 24 but what could I do... She never appear yet.. Maybe tommorow, or else next month or maybe have to wait for years to come..

Gorgeous girls are everywhere.. Perfect girl is hardly to find.. Some of them had been taken and currently in a good relationship.. But some of them still declared themselves as single and still available..

My best friend back in Matrix Labuan.. Janet (Sumandak Papar)

My friend oso last time in Labuan.. Kollo (Sumandak Kota belud).. Nice couple

Naughty tutorialmate oso old times back in KML, labuan.. Clarvie (Sumandak Tamparuli).. Muka nampak baik tapi perangai jajal terlampau..Hahah.."Avie, bole tahan kau haa, till now still declare single and standing tough"

Went to have Breakfast again with my only friend in Hospital, remember the Kelantanese Farmacist.. Talking about politic and finally ended up of Valentine's thingy.. He ask me where to buy roses in Keningau.. I'm quite shock that he also celebrates Valentine.. Emmm, last time in Kelantan when Valentine's Day is coming sure there were also flyers distributed everywhere regarding the ban of Valentine's celebration among Muslim.. Forgot bout it la..

I say YES for the offer... But.. (Don't give me that blank look)... Actually I already say yes to be a bestman for my friend on thier coming Wedding Day on this 9th of March.. (Still remember??) But, just now my bro in Putrajaya YM-ing me that the election day might fall on 8th of March.. If like that, I might not be the bestman for my friend anymore la.. I wanna out to throw my vote maaaa.."Mari la mari, pergi mengundi, tunaikanlah kewajipan pada negara".. So, how should I explain to them..? Everything had been arranged according to plan, but I couldn't do anything now as this is the first time for me to vote for my preffered party... Dushh... Whatever laaa...

Hollywood version of Irene and Rayness..

Happy Wedding day my dear friends... May the blessings be upon both of u always...


p/s- All pictures grabbed from thier Friendster.. Sorry Guys!!


chegu carol said...

Your friend will get marry where oh? The election is only one day go early in the morning then you rush to your friend's place lah. Cannot kah? Kesian your friend, been wanting you be his bestman. Hehehe...besides, we want to see you clad in nice tuxedo or something bah.

chegu carol said...

Btw, Happy V-day...even if you dont celebrate it.

Jambu2 oh semua girl friends ko. Mcm pelakon cina semua dorang tu. Hehe

FredDass said...

Yup Chegu.. I'm thinking of ur idea before.. Bt hopefully the queue is no so long la on that day (not as what I'd seen in TV).. Will come early as possible and be the first to throw my vote into the voting box (Never experience it, sure a lotta people that day kan).. Then after that rushing to Tung Ma's bus station.. Hopefully everythings planned will go on smoothly..

Thanx for the wish Chegu.. happy V day to u too (Ingat V-Day, Ingat watermelon juice)Huhuhu..

Tu la kan Chegu, nasib girl friends kalu "girlfriend" kan lagi bagus.. LOL!!

cicak said...

haha staring c Chegu Carol kalau pasal wedding2 kan Fred. :)
she is de very sensitif ni kalau ko x entertain something pasal weddings.

I'm anxious about mengundi too... also my first time. Erkk...

Just go for bestman gia Fred. That is one thing that I myself don't want to miss, wearing a tux some more... :p

and yes, mcm pelakun Hongkong la tu sumandak2 dlm pics. very the jambu ones

FredDass said...

Thanx Mr. Cicak.. I'll try my very best k..

Wearing a tux, wahahaha.. I think just a coat.. See then la, I'll post some of the pixs after the wedding.. Sure funny one (I can imagine)..LOL!!