Monday, June 30, 2008

10 cans..

Today, I'd suddenly become more hyperactive in work..
Not because I was motivated by something but it was due to someone seems like forcing me too much..

Well as the reason of that, I did the things until I got what I want and to satisfied the one who keep on forcing me..

Well to make it simple..

Actually as what I'd been posted before, I'm currently working on MKSP (Mesyuarat Kajian Semula Pengurusan).. But suddenly my staff told me that the Sister from SCN (Special Care Nursery) ward keep on calling my department asking for Premature Infant Formula..

As what I was told by my staff, the stock for that product was already running out and since that my department still waiting for another stock to come as the ordering process already done since middle of the month which is when the product reach the emergency par stock level..

However, the sisters keep on calling.. Untill at one time my staff really didn't want to answer her call again..

After this metter came to me, I called the Sister.. In appropriate way.. Soft spoken..

What made me felt so challenged when she talk like I really didn't know about infant nutrition..

Come on la sister, I'm the one who learnt Dietetic and Nutrition and I know what I say and I have a reason of it..

I know la you have a post basic in Special Neocate but in term of nutrition I admit that I know better than you..

Then after I talk all regarding the premature product she just kept quiet..

Actually I already explain to her that we still have other alternatives to overcome the problem until the ordered product arrived but she gave a lot of reasons.. Diarrhoea la, gastric discomfort la?? Please la Sister, knowledge changed as time flies..

At the same time, I already contact other companies in which they also have premature infant formula and still available in KK but have to wait 2-3 days until the quotation, ordering, purchasing and receiving process settled but the same answer she gave me..

So I'm done. However, I cannot stop there.. As I know I still have other alternatives. So I contact Survey Jaya Keningau, Faiz Pharmacy, the hospital food supplier but the same answer given to me.. 'Not available in market'..

My last choice was borrowing the product from other Hospital which is Hospital Likas, the nearest one.. Ho Tenom, Tambunan and Queen sure don't have.. The problem is that, who gonna take the product from that hospital? Do Keningau's ambulans go there in daily basis?

Oh ya, Agape Pharmacy.. Almost forgot.. so I contact the pharmacy and thanks God, they still have 10 cans of Enfalac Premature Formula left.. So, I contact the hospital food supplier to purchase it from there and must be here by tommorow..

One day, I will show her that I work on my work..

I admit, I'm still new in service.. But times flies so fast.. I gain a lot after been 9 months here.. Ini la ni kalu masih muda, senang kena lawan cakap.. Well, kalau banding pun sy ni kira mcm umur anak-anak dorang.. Whatever la.. No hard feeling..


chegu carol said...

ya leks ja la kan...besa lah tu kalu veteran2 yg sdh byk xperience..hehe...

Kadus_Mama said...

adededeh!! Pushy juga tu Neo. specialist tu..
But besa lah bah tu...sini tempat sia pun macam tu juga..those senior ingat dorang lah paling pandai dalam dunia!! haha kadang2 menyampah tul..

Anonymous said...

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