Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It is a sad story to share..

Took leave on Friday last week and monday this week as to help the family of my late uncle to arrange everything until his body and soul was rested peacefully..

What an unexpected and unbelievable reality to accept.. Leaving behind his beloved sick wife, a daughter and 4 sons whom 3 of them are just started to learn about life..

But God's calling cannot be argued..

I understand how hard is the feeling of losing someone as I experienced it twice before.. The burdens on your shoulder to be a brother for your younger siblings, the chain of worries which keep on puzzling your mind and all the coming unpredicted hectic days to survive..

But, it is actually what we call as fate.. God has a reason of everything happened..

May his soul, rest in peace!!!


Kadus_Mama said...

RIP to your late uncle..
Hope the family will be strong to face the day ahead of them.. :(

EviE said...

god bless his soul. I just lost a friend juga last week

FredDass said...

Thanks Kadus_Mama n Evie..

Joan, I also heard about that and the news also been spread out among bloggers.. She is a very well known person rupanya..

Even I never meet and get a chance to know her, I can felt her loss..

May his soul RIP..Amen..

IsaiahEzra said...

May ur uncle soul rest in peace..GOD forgive his sins,saves him from the fire of helland lead his soul 2 HEAVEN..

i know how does it feel cause I lost my blvd mum at a tender age& just lost my blvd huby tis jan..

the obstacles of struggling with things to arrange, unsettled businesses, unstable emotion and lots of interefering that actualy making things worse rather than helping those who is left behind..

GOD has a reason for everything but not all people could cope with it