Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bad Year!!!

Life is always like that.. When we were happily facing every single day, sure there will be the day when bad thing happened beyond our expectation..

Will this year gonna be the bad year for my big family?? Nobody know..

God, I surrender everything in You..


Kadus_Mama said...

:( Sedih pulak read your post this..Hope you will be strong for whatever it is infront of you..Take care

FredDass said...

Kadus_Mama: Thanx for being supportive.. Appreciate it..

Yay, I'm back after a long time being silent.. hehehe..

chegu carol said...

Life is a balance of goods and bads. Today, you'll be having good times, tomorrow you could be crying. But believe that, the day after you cried, you'll be smiling and laughing again. Thats life is all about...Yes, have faith in God.

Welcome back geng!

Anonymous said...

Life is full of surprise. Loughter, sadness, confusion, fear, rejection... sometimes I doubt myself, doubt my faith. Something unexpected this year happened to me and my family. Very surprising me. One good thing came, I was so happy for sure. Then bad thing came after another. I lost hope. It took me quite some times to figure it out what's the hell is happening to me? It's that my fault?? I'm not saying that I'm having a dream that guide me or an angel came telling me what happen.. but I can say that all the things happened and there must be a reason. Life without it is nothing but a boring life at all. Don't you want an exciting life? Just prepare the unexpected.. If God willing to give me a long life span, there are an everage of 40 years ahead await. I'm thrilled to know what other problems coming to me..


FredDass said...

Chegu: Yup, I'm coming.. Hurrayyy..

FredDass said...

Anonym: Whether I know u or not is not the matter (Tp macam sia kenal ko ni hikkss)..
Thanx for the nice sharing and encouraging words..
Really appreciate it..