Monday, June 30, 2008

What a day..

Today as usual, Monday is not the day for me to enjoy..

Just after arrived in office, Pengarah called telling me that the MKSP (Mesyuarat Kajian Semula Pengurusan) which is scheduled on Friday has to be postponed.. He cannot make it on that day as he got another meeting in KK, Infant and Maternal Mortality meeting in state level..

So it is either to have the MKSP earlier or right after he got back from KK..

Well, it ended up on 3rd of July which is on coming thursday.. God, I haven't prepare anything yet.. habis la kalau mcm ni!!!

But I cooled down myself and continue my routine everyday.. Dietetic Clinic.. Jom berklinik!!!

Today, I've got 6 patients which are 1 case of FTT (Failure to thrive), 1 case of childhood obesity, 2 cases of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and 2 cases of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia..

Right after encountered with all the pts, I rushed to my 'other office' to prepare a letter regarding the MKSP to all department, unit and ward, and again I couldn't see the Pengarah for his signature.. Dia ada meeting lagi.. Huh...

Then, went to Unit Latihan to ask for Laporan Prestasi Latihan.. But the person who in charge is not around..

So, everything have to be continued after 2pm..

Astaga Fred, it's now 1.45pm.. Sempat lagi ko blogging.. Padahal karaja masih bertimbun..
Cepat, sign out..!!

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