Monday, September 22, 2008


Again Monday is coming.. But it's a bit different today as I'm not having that 'bad feelings' as almost of us felt every week..

It is not because tomorrow is a pay day..
Not because next week is Raya holiday..
Neither of the bonus paid tomorrow nor less patients referral today..

It is just me trying to be positive since last night..
Well, during weekends I usually take a nap in exceeded hour for human being like us should have..
Then, when the darkness night comes, I'm counting the hours left for Monday to come..

'Oooppss, I did it again' last night..
But at the same time, I tried very hard to being positive...
To instill a positive thinking in my mind about how beautiful is Monday..

And yes, the psychological method is indeed successful..
I don't have that so called 'bad feelings' today..

Actually, last week we had a monthly morning assembly..
As usual there will be a session of Pengarah's speech followed by Motivation Session..
Some quote from the speech:

"Saya tahu kamu semua mesti bila bangun awal pagi rasa malas betul mau kerja kan.. Sa pun faham perasaan kamu.. Tapi cuba la ba kamu bangun awal pagi, senyum.. Kamu mesti ingat yang KERJA adalah salah satu dari kehidupan kita.. Hampir 33% dari hidup kita ni ialah kerja.. Cuba kamu kira, kita tidur 8 jam, kita di tempat kerja 8 jam, kita di rumah 8 jam.. Cuba la kamu terima kenyataan ni.. Saya faham tu kalu especially kita kerja ni yang rasa terpaksa ja sebab saya pun pernah juga mengalami tu time dulu-dulu"

And then the motivation session.. It really shows me that our life is all about choices..
When you wake up early in the morning..
You have 2 choices..
Either you want a good day or a bad day..

But today I chose for a good day..
And of course it works..
And I have a blessed Monday even there are tons of works to do..

and I believe, that is the power of human's mind..


IsaiahEzra said...

yup, it's true...everything is in your mind....

don't underestimate the ability of your mind...hehehe..maybe it's the voices of the angles or the devils ba tu kan..

if you choose to hear the positive one it means you are hearing the voices of the angels...

if you choose to hear the negative one it means you are hearing the voices of the devils...

Kadus_Mama said...

sia pun kadang2 malas juga mau p keja..tapi..sabar saja lah..! life memang macam nie..if only bulih duduk rumah lepas tu ada gaji jalan kan?? hehehe angan2 mat jenin saja bah..

Joan said...

ya monday sucks..but it depends also la sometimes tidak juga all the time.

but my monday this week is a sucky one.

stress level sampai ke langit

Nick Phillips said...

Life is what we make it out to be. And the mind is a powerful tool :D

FredDass said...

iziahezra: Yup it's true..
Nice quote anyway..
Really inspiring..

FredDass said...

kadus_mama: Tu lah ba ni.. Every week x sabar jak ni mau hari jumaat..
X sabar mau berhujung minggu..
Tapi bila hujung minggu tidur jak karaja sampai kepala pun jadi pening talampau TERLEBIH SUDAH..
Ada ka tu karaja tu?
Kalau ada sa pun mau apply juga la..

FredDass said...

Joan: Tu la, kadang-kadang ok juga ba kan..
Haiya, macam mana la tu Monday sa next week? Sa tau kamurang cuti uda kan.. Bagusnya jadi cikgu... Argghh..

Stress sampai langit ke 7 juga ka?

FredDass said...

Nick Philips: Yup it's true.. Our mind control everything..