Friday, September 26, 2008

Pity Pailin..

Anybody watched TARA 3 episode 3 last night?

Yup, it's been my weekly routine nowadays and again last night is one of the exciting episode..

The Thailand's beauty queen was eliminated..
Well, I'm okay with it..
She (Natalie) just deserved it but not for Pailin..

I think Pailin chose a wrong partner to be together in the race..
And Natalie's attitude really gets on my nerves..

Still remember her quote last episode..
"Being dirty is the lowest form of human existence!!" WT *%&K!!
And of course my interpretation for this episode is true that they were eliminated..

So pity Pailin..
As she said "I really want to continue this race but it is the rules that requires 2 person in a team".. How sad she was..
I think, she really deserved to be called as 'Beauty Queen" as shown through her attitude..
She can control her temper very well towards Natalie's irritating acts..
and Natalie should be crowned as 'A toy freaking queen".. Oppsss..

Congrats to Henry & Bernie..
Being the first to arrive at the pit stop for the second time consecutively..
Already won free oil supply for 1 year by Caltex and Sony HD..

And not forgetting to Ida and Tania..
You both rocks!!!
It's a good sign for Malaysian's team to win this season even though it is still early to guess..
Got 8 episodes more to go..

I'd ever imagine before, how will I acted if I'm in the race.. (Eemmmm)

Malaysian's team Fred and Boy (sibling) is the first team to arrive...


tajau said...

klu ko buli la lg ikut ni amazing klu c boy wakaka.. mo training 2 thn dulu.. tkut nanti di termuntah wakaka...

Joan said...

sa pun slalu juga angan2 ni macam mana kalo sa yang ikut TARA..


FredDass said...

Tajau: Yup dia mimang perlu training dulu tu.. Tapi dia bilang 2 bulan sudah cukup.. Hahaha
Dia ckp ko sama dia yang ikut TARA baru la padan..
Dia mau buktikan urang betut pun boleh menang TARA.. Hehehe..

FredDass said...

Joan: jom la kita ikut.. Kita jadi partner.. Hehehe..
Tapi sa rasa memang enjoy la kalau dapat join tu..

Vienne said...

sa pun mau bila sa rasa sa ni penakut tinggi and x pandai berenang...huhuhu...sedih juga

sHeiLa said... pun mo join.but then yg sa nda sanggup kalau ada bab-bab makan2 benda2 yg so nonsense them..had to eat kala jengking..atuk atukkk..gilaaa

FredDass said...

vienne: Hahaha.. Mcm sama jak task yang kita fobia ni.. Sa kalu mau join terpaksa cari partner yang pandai berenang owhh.. Sama la kita tu kalu air2 punya bab ni mimang sa surrender.. Kali task force suruh berenang sure partner sa yang perlu buat.. hahhaha

FredDass said...

sheila: ba ko pandai berenang ka? Kalo ko pandai berenang buli jadi partner sa TARA 4 nanti.. Hehehe.. Kalu bab makan2 ni sa rasa sa boleh buat tapi kalu berenang ko yang buat.. Huhuhu..