Thursday, September 18, 2008

No mood..

I'm not in mood of posting anything here..

Not in mood of going to work every time I woke up..

Not in mood of answering any unknown numbers calling in.. (yup, I never answer any unknown numbers though)..

I always ignore it..

Another 013xxxxx and 088xxxxx calling in just now..

Sorry, I just cannot answer unless they send me sms telling who he/she is..

That is one of my principle, started since almost a year already..

Sometimes, I rather switch it off or else turn to the silent mode.. I'm just so worried when it's ringing...

Because I know, it is not a call that I wanted..

Almost 70% of the call added up the stress on my mind..


Gallivanter said...

Maybe you should change ur number, or answer it and tell the person it's the wrong number. Your stress will then disappear. :-)

IsaiahEzra said...

yeah,there's only one way to find out.which is answer the phone so that it wont bug you anymore

GuRaNgAk said...

Jan pula kalau ko nmpk 013-55365** ko x pick-up ah hehehe... :P
Have a nice weekend ya..

p/s your bbkk shirts cuming very soon :) Thnx for the patience..

FredDass said...

gallivanter: I've been with the number for almost 5 years.. Even it is a Kelantan's no but still so sayang mau tukar..
It is a good tips anyway.. But sometimes I tried to avoid a call from whom I knew the caller..
But they are very clever to reach me via unknown number and I ever got trapped couples of time and they even know to reach me via my office number..
No..No.. Don't get me wrong.. Bukan along yang call bah.. Tapi those peoples promoting insurance la, hotel packages la and etc..

FredDass said...

isiahezra: Emm, will consider ur opinion.. Must be positive bah kan.. Hehehe..

FredDass said...

gurangak: Owh kalau no 013-55365** yang keluar sure 1x ringing trus sa jawab (prinsip budaya korporat terus).. Sebab sa tau tu panggilan BAIK PUNYA.. Haha..

Owh ya, cannot wait for the BBKK shirt..