Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Simple but tiring..

I'm a bit free today.
Checked out my outpatient appointment book..
No scheduled appointment today..
Means that I can continue with my 'research' regarding website icon..

Yesterday, as usual I did my blog hop for any recent updates in blogosphere..
Then, when come to Nessa and Nick's blog, I was thinking on how they put such a cute tiny graphic just before their blog address..
Nessa has a cup of hot coffee (I think) anime and Nick has a small pumpkin head anime.

Actually. It's been a while I've put on interest on how to make my blog layout looked the way I want..
I tried working on the HTML code but till now still fail..
I browsed through lots of templates before and had tried couples of times but it leads to nothing at the end..
So just stick to the old boring template..

If I'm not mistaken, the recent template I use now is the second one after previously faced a lot of failure..
Just use the template design provided by

Anyway, this time the attempt to have my own website icon is indeed successful..
After browsed through some of the guidelines, and did some readings , finally I come out with this:
Website icon or also known as favicon.ico and shortcut icon is actually a small graphic shown just before your URL address. Just look mine.. Nice right..
It is just so simple to come out with it but doing it with your own effort, really challenge you a lot.

So guys, why not make one for your own blog?
Still wanna stick with the boring plain paper graphic?

Just click at this link WEBSITE ICON.
It just take less than 20 minutes (plus the time for you to choose your preferred image) to have one for your own.

Buzz me if you are done cause I want to see yours.

Next task- My template design.



chegu carol said...

ive tried to do this on mmy own but halfway through i stopped...pas tu now gantung2...since u've done urs..i might want to continue mine also lah....btw, congrats for successfully done this one :)

tajau said...

wah.. hebat suda ko ni...
bljar programming suda ah skrg...

Joan said...

i know how it feels when you have to read, learn and start from scratch about things you really dunno. like this html thingy. the same thing happen when i did my blog layout..

wah, and you did the website pun mau cuba2 la ni..

FredDass said...

Chegu Carol: Thanks.. Cannot wait to see yours..
Kalu ada problem, just ask me..

FredDass said...

Tajau: Sa pernah belajar juga ba ni last time sa form 3 d SMK Elopura..
Kalau x silap Basic of Web Page Development.. Tapi tu pun sikit2 jak..

Programming? Bula la kampung-kampung.. Hehe..

FredDass said...

Joan: You are more advanced from me..This is just a website icon.. The HTML code used is also short..

Compare to template, have to change whole thing in your layout.. Takut juga sa buat coz bila view blog, kosong jak.. X pa-pa.. HTML code pula yang keluar.. *Dush..

Tapi mau cuba juga ni..

Nishadha said...

Nicely done indeed , I guess 'F' stands for your name although I would have gone for 'S' or 'SD' to rhyme with your blog. Guess its your blog to do whatever you like though :)

FredDass said...

nishadha: Thanks.. Yup, F stands for my name.. My real name to be exact.. Hehehe.