Thursday, November 20, 2008

The suspense..

For those who are following the 3rd season of The Amazing Race Asia, I'm sure you feel the way I feel now..

The suspense..

Well, I haven't blog about TARA since my last entry about the tattoo..
Just have no time between the laziness attacks..

Tonight is the last episodes of the season..
However, till this moment of time, I'm still unable to predict who will win the race..

Login to TARA website just now..(I never tell you I'm a member right? See, how desperate me with the show)
Fuuhh, war of argument is there..
Emmm, especially with the most controversial team of the season Geoff and Tish..
But for the last 2 legs, luck is not at the couple’s side..
What goes around comes around and that is what happened to them..
Hopefully the black demon continues haunting them till the last minutes of the race tonight.. hahaha...
Witnessing how weak Sam was last week to complete the roadblock task really relieved me a lot..
The 4 hours penalty is just enough for 'my favourite team' to lengthen the gap between them..
Hope so..
Unless the episode tonight involves 'Hours of Operation' because it surely will make every team at the same line of race..
Well my support actually goes to no other than Ida & Tania..
Not much I can say about them..
They just too good in completing every tasks and never even have a quarrels throughout the legs..
They are naughty too!!
Hopefully, luck will be at our side, Malaysia Boleh!!...


Gallivanter said...

Ya man, Malaysia boleh! I hate Geoff! :-P

chegu carol said...

Yeah, Malaysia boleh!

I hate Geoff but i like Tish. She's sweet.

Im so gonna stock up on pop corns tonight. Hehehehe

Joan said...

huuu..i dun like geoff..kesian betul si Tish tu ada boifren gitu..

am totally for the Malaysian team. but the HK boys not bad juga la..haha.cos one of them look like my x bf.. hehe

FredDass said...

Galliventer: Yup, his attitude really pissed me off!!

Malaysia, Buli bah Kalau Kau!! Hehehe

FredDass said...

Chagu Carol: Ya, malang betul si Tish tu.. bagus lagi sa.. Wakaka..

Yup, Tish is the only eye candy left.. So sweet..oooppss..

Pop corn?? Sa rasa sa x dpt mkn tidbits sebab terlalu mau concentrate ni malam ni.. Hehehe

FredDass said...

Joan: Owhhh, really??

Yg mana satu tua ah, si Vince mangkali ni kan.. Hehehe..

If so, hopefully the philippines will be the last to arrive..

IsaiahEzra said...

sa malas sudah mau tinguk since my dad (kekekekekek perasan),henry & bernie eliminated.

tapi sa mau Malaysia Win!!

C Tish bitchy ni,sorry a tis is just my opinion..
Geoff pula thinks They r the greatest and they look down on pwople & sometimes they treat each other like dirt..oops sorry my comment is ssssoooooooooo harsh

FredDass said...

isaiahezra: Yup.. time Henry n Bernie out sa rasa kecewa juga.. Tapi since there is another Malaysian team left so masih bersemangat lg mau tinguk ni..

Xpa bah tu.. You are free to speak out your mind.. Sa pun x suka juga ni team.. Especially bila dorg gelar Ida n Tania, 'the moms'..

Harap2 tu team paling last time sampai d final pit stop.. Kalau x, mimpi ngeri la sa ni malam.. Owwwhhh, sa x buli terima kenyataan kalau dorg yg menang.. Tidak!!!!!

IsaiahEzra said...

that's why sa malas suda mau tinguk bikin temper tengok bad attitude dorang.

nanti tambah lagi sa buat sin by swearing bad words & spoiling my modd ekekekekekek..emosional la pula

ba wish you all the best to nite. cheh!! macam ko pula yg ikut TARA..hahahaha

Ganggaru CuPpyCake said...

nah...kalah suda malaysia...sedey jugak walaupun sa bukan pengikut setia TARA...aha..baru ada masa tgk ba, cuti kan skrg...aha...

FredDass said...

isaiahezra: Hehehe.. Tu la kan bikin buat dosa jak mengutuk.. Anyway, dorg suda kalah juga hahaha (paham2 jak).. Happy ni..

FredDass said...

Ganggaru CuPpycake: Wah, ko cuti ka.. Ba berabis la ko cuti tinguk TV key.. Hahaha..