Thursday, November 27, 2008

Free like a bird..

It has been a year since I stepped into a working life..
Had earned lots of money (banyak ka?) without even spend a single cent of it for any vacation in a year..
Have I told you that I'm not kind of a person who likes to travel?

I'd rejected the offer to climb Mount Kinabalu last few months without any apparent reason..
The same decision was made when there was a chance for Bali vacation..
And during festivals or even weekends I rather stayed at home and sleep..
Without even bother and felt envious of how peoples spend thier leisure time to the fullest..

After think of it over again..
I may be too tired during work days..
In fact, I still have another 22 days of my annual leave out of 30..
Furthermore, never crossed my mind of taking leave unless during Christmas week until New Year..

However, since I have a new boss, the eagerness to take off from work tripled..
And it seems like a week off for christmas and new year this year may not be approved..

Then this time when there is a chance for vacation, rejecting no more..
I wanna free like a bird..
It's a time to put aside all my works, forget it for a while and concentrate on my 'holiday'..
And it's only a week left for my Korea Vacation.. Yahoo..

Pasport was done..
Same with my sister..
And today my aunt helps for the visa fee..
The thing left is only the packing..
I dunno what to bring, what to prepare as this is my first time ever..

It's actually a 7D5N vacation..
Go under a tour group and not by myself.. (takut sesat bah)
The itinerary was already fix but I'm sure it's worth my money..(hopefully lah) Hehehe..


Gallivanter said...

You'll enjoy Korea. I did. Went there twice. Try their chili octopus (I forgot the name!). Hopefully it snows during your visit there. :-)

cicak said...

Nanti share the info ah pasal Korea. Mana la tau one day buli jalan-jalan sana pula.

Happy coming holiday! >___<

Joan said...

huuu..korea ba skrg, hujung tahun winter lagi tu...amik gambar banyak2 nanti ah. sa mau tingukkkkkk

Kadus_Mama said...

wah!!!!! i'm so jelous!!!! But u have fun there ya..bila lagi masa mau enjoy kan??

IsaiahEzra said...

wah, best o!!
hope u enjoy ur trip there..just want to share with you, U better don't any expectations because will b stress if u didnt reach that expectations.
take k,GOD bless

chegu carol said...

going with a tour group is good tapi tu saja lah, u cannot take ur sweet time at one place...hafta rush psl tu tour guide kan ikut schedule.

but im sure u will enjoy your vacation.
cuba gia tapau snow utk sa hehehe

FredDass said...

Gallivanter: Wahhh.. Went there twice already.. Sure it is a nice place for vacation right..
Ya, I really hope it snows when I'm there.. Had checked the weather forecast yesterday.. There will be flurry starting 2mmorrow..
Will try the chili octupus if I have a chance..Hehehe..

FredDass said...

cicak: Owkay.. Will blog bout it when I come back haa.. Nanti sa kasi share ko pengalaman sa jumpa tu sumandaks2 korea k..

Yup.. Happy coming holiday.. 2 days more to go..

FredDass said...

Joan: Bah nanti sa ambil gambar banyak-banyak key.. Tapi baru sa teringat memory card digi cam sa sikit jak.. Haiyaa.. Terpaksa mau beli lagi la kalau mcm ni.. Malas sa mau bawa laptop pula.. Tapi better bawa laptop kan.. Boleh update live frm korea.. Hehehe..

FredDass said...

Kadus_Mama: Ya betul, bila lagi mau enjoy duit sendiri kan.. Hehehe.. Time ni la patut mau enjoy berabis kann..

FredDass said...

isaiahezra: Ya, excited skrg sa ni. Ya la, jangan telampau mengharap nanti kecewa kan.. Hehehe.. Tapi harap2 enjoy la ni trip

FredDass said...

chegu carol: Ya betul tu, mesti rush nanti tu kan.. Well, nanti sa kasi tapau snow.. Air2 snow pun buli la ba kan..hehe